Monday, January 10, 2011

Thing #5: Facebook

Facebook is huge -- more and more people are on everyday, and people spend an extraordinary amount of time there. So it's good for libraries to have a presence there, though I'm not sure that many people (except Library Science students) are all that interested in libraries' facebook accounts. But we must try!

Belk Library's facebook page is really good. It's got announcements about events, changes in hours, new services. And there are some comments from other users, which is always a good sign. A few things I've seen other libraries do that we could start:

  • University of Michigan has an Event tab on their page -- this way they can post their events to special "event" area. So it shows up on their Wall, but also neatly listed in Events. I also like their use of a logo (M love Library).
  • UNC Davis Library sometimes asks for suggestions for new materials to purchase. Seems like a good way to get a conversation going.
  • I haven't any library that does this, but whenever the library creates videos (or screencast-sort-or-things) they should be posted to facebook.

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