Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thing #1: Blogging

Belk Library is doing "23 Things" as a staff development program. I'm so in, because playing with technology is fun. Plus I want to win an iPad. Really want an iPad.

So here is my 23 Things blog. Our first task was to make this blog. This was not too hard for me, as I've actually been blogging (on and off) for about 5 years. I talk about books at jennie's b[ook]log and my favorite author at the Mary Stewart blog.

Our other task for this "thing" was to give an example of a blog we like. I read waaay too many blogs. I can't choose just one. So here are a few.

ALA Techsource -- Lots of interesting technology-in-libraries stuff.
info-mational -- Very thoughtful posts about information literacy.
ACRLog -- All about academic libraries.

Web Design:
A List Apart -- "For people who make websites."
Design Reviver -- Tutorials, downloads, and inspiration for web designers.

Film in the Fridge -- Prolific maker of beautiful quilts.
Posie Gets Cozy -- All kinds of cozy crafts.

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