Friday, October 29, 2010

Thing #2: RSS

Our assignment for this week is to set up an account with an RSS reader. I currently use Google Reader to keep track of the blogs I read. Google Reader saves me a lot of time, because I subscribe to over 75 blogs. And, no, I don't read everything on those blogs. I do lots of skimming! I have the feeds organized into folders: book review blogs, family and friends, libraries and technology, and quilting/crafting.

Google Reader keeps a count of how many unread posts you have in your Google Reader, and mine's currently at 406. Hmmm, it may be time to do some cleaning out. :) I've found that when I find a new blog that interests me, I subscribe to it, read the next few posts, then either it becomes a favorite that I always read or I start to ignore it in my reader so that unread posts pile up. Eventually it becomes obvious that I'm not going to get anything out of this blog and I unsubscribe. There's so much content out there, if one blog doesn't do it for me there's always another to take its place!

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